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Responsibly Taking Initiatives That Protect & Respect Our Environment

Solar Panels

Although it is difficult to see from the road, our entire roof is covered in solar panels. We are proud to say that we can power our building and beyond with a renewable energy source.

LED Lighting

We recently replaced all of our lighting with LED energy efficient lighting. Our new system uses 2/3 less energy than our previous lighting system.


As a printing company, we use a lot of paper. Not only do we purchase paper that is recycled and sourced responsibly, we recycle all paper and cardboard so that they can be used to make new products. We also recycle our inks, inkjet cartridges, metal, and other materials.


  • Southington Chamber of Commerce

    Southington Chamber of Commerce

  • Capital Workforce

    Capital Workforce

  • St Vincent DePaul

    St Vincent DePaul

  • Mental Health Partnerships

    Mental Health Partnerships

  • 7-Angels Theatre

    Seven Angels Theatre

  • AFP Fairfield

    AFP Fairfield

  • BBGC

    Boys & Girls Club of Bristol Family Center

  • Business Women's Forum

    Business Women's Forum

  • CCCC

    Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce

  • CCF

    Connecticut Community Foundation

  • Mattatuck Museum

  • Connecticut Public Broadcasting

  • Printing Industries of New England

  • #RecoverTogether

  • Southington High School Marching Band

  • Waterbury Regional Chamber

  • Smaller Manufacturers
    Smaller Manufacturers
  • ImmaCare


  • Mark Twain House
  • Journey Found

    Journey Found